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Refractive LED Globes

Commercial Post TopsChoose between Asymmetric or Symmetric LED light distribution from these globe models: Manchester, North Hills, Newport, Kinkade & Sawgrass.

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Solar LED Lighting

Solar-powered lighting can be installed anywhere and a cross any amount of space. No wires. No trenching. No additional transformer installation.

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RLM Shades and Brackets
Looking for that old factory style lighting fixture?

Philips Hanover Lantern offers RLM Shades and Brackets to hang over signs or other commerical applications.

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QL Induction Lighting

QL Induction Lighting is ideal for decorative street lighting, bridges and tunnels, hazardous areas, freezers and hard-to-reach applications.

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Try our Commercial Configurator

Design custom Philips Hanover Lantern Commercial products then request a quote by printing your custom job.

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Site Development Planning Sheet

Check out Philips Hanover Lantern's Site Development Planning Sheet. Take a look at the many different options Hanover has to offer.

Download a copy of the Site Planning Sheet (11" x 24 1/2")

Custom Designs
by Philips Hanover Lantern

Take a look through Philips Hanover Lantern's custom jobs of the past. Maybe a previous job will spark up a few ideas of your own.

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